High impact, Low visibility


New Harvest Development Office

Our philosophy is “High impact, Low visibility” because it is all about God, and we are very careful not to touch His glory. In all we do, all glory goes to Him and Him alone. We unreservedly lift Jesus up so that He will draw all men to Him.
NEHADO is the social development unit of the ministry facilitating social and community development projects in impoverished communities and among those in rural areas, who are otherwise hard to reach.
NEHADO incorporates a wide-spectrum of ministry outreach opportunities such as business development, leadership development, skills training, and advanced education.

NEHADO Outreach Units:

  • Primary health care clinics in Bo and the Western region
  • The Water and Sanitation Unit—supporting well digging and other related projects
  • The Child Protection (Promise Land Interim Care Home) and Gender Empowerment Unit
  • The Agriculture Unit– supporting disadvantaged farming communities
  • The Construction Unit supporting communities with small scale infrastructural development
  • The Microfinance Unit—supporting small business growth within communities

Every ministry opportunity is pursued in partnership with locals. Locals often provide leadership, labor and materials— things readily available in the community that can be made to serve needs.